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Crystal wrote a great article on business cards last week. I suspect that there is more to come from her,
but I can not resist giving my two cents on this subject. So, here are two things that I want to encourage.
First, always, Always, ALWAYS, include a phone number on a business card. A business card is a point of
contact whereby you are giving your contact information to the other person. Why make it difficult for
them! Don't waste their time or your money if you don't want to give a phone number. I know that this
sounds harsh, but this is an issue that needs to be driven home. By the way, I also encourage people to
put an email address on the card. This is fast becoming as important as a phone number.
Second, if at all possible, put your picture on the card. People remember these cards above others.
Over and over again, I get comments about my card and how much they enjoy having the picture. It allows
the recipient to remember who the card came from.
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